a solar EV

This electric car Drives on Sunshine

This new Chevy Bolt in Parker, Colo. is solar-charged 🙂

blog logoI have a friend from my Unitarian Universalist church who I managed to persuade to buy a Chevy Bolt and who has solar on her home, Deena R.

Deena is a longtime environmental activist and has had a 5. 5 kW solar system on her family house’s roof for about a year. She is one of many, many, many people who have plugged into solar-charged driving since I started SolarChargedDriving.Com in September of 2009.

She now has a Colorado vanity plate to show the world she is Driving on Sunshine: ‘SOLR EV’

My Colorado vanity plate = SOLPWRD

Patrick Connor’s custom Oregon plate.

I actually kind of wish I had Deena’s plate — because SOLR EV is easier to parse/understand than SOLPWRD. I had wanted SUNPWRD, but that was already taken in February 2014 when I registered by 2014 Nissan LEAF, which I had for three and a half years.

I didn’t think of SOLR EV it until I saw a picture posted to the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association Facebook page of an Oregon plate with SOLR EV (which Patrick Connor, a longtime EV advocate who lives in Oregon, has).

I actually suggested SOLR EV to Deena, and she got the plate that I wish I had 😉 Congratulations, Deena. And thank you for driving another electric vehicle powered by renewable energy.

The world is a cleaner, quieter, greener place thanks to your blue, solar-charged Chevy Bolt.

This Red Tesla Model S, which belongs to Charlie Wilde, who works for Ecology Solar, is zooming around Colorado while Driving on Sunshine. It’s a great advertisement for solar, Ecology Solar, and, of course, solar-charged driving and Sun Miles® .


A Tesla Model X with a Colorado solar vanity plate.