Save more for the ride

The “Save More for the Ride” blog section is devoted to energy efficiency and my own personal experiences and observations on this crucial topic. If you have already have a solar system – or when you do go solar, clearly, the more sparing you are with your home electric use, the higher the percentage of the electric miles you drive which will be what we at SolarChargedDriving.Com call Sun Miles™ — solar-powered miles driven by an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) whose batteries have been charged using solar energy. “Save More for the Ride” focuses on different – and often cool – things you can do to reduce your home electric use and therefore save more of the annual electricity generated by your home PV solar system for, that’s right, the Ride!

Turn on the heat? No way!

Our thermostat shows 66 degrees after having been pushed there not by our furnace -- which we haven't turned on once yet this year -- but after having been pushed up naturally by a balmy 75-degree, late Octobe...