An intro to solar-charged driving

Solar-charged driving has been around for awhile. That’s not surprising, given that all it really takes is solar panels somewhere producing electricity and a battery powered vehicle, whose batteries are charged by electricity produced by the sun. Imagine a tiny, remote controlled, battery-powered car and a tiny solar panel with a tiny inverter. Plug your remote-controlled car into the solar-recharger and, voila, in a little while you’re running it on the sun. It’s that easy — and at a general level (meaning above the level of the engineering of a car, batteries themselves, etc.) — that simple. In the articles in the section, we give you the basic information that you need to get started.

Solar-charged driving as easy as 1-2-3

A good friend of mine and I were about halfway into a three-hour brainstorming session for SCD.Com in July of 2009 when he turned to me and asked: “I must be dense or something, but I’m still not quite sure what solar-charged driving is. Can you run it by me again?”