[Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons Photo]

Solar-charged driving: Plug into sun & go!

Sometimes it’s just easier to picture how something works when you can actually see it.

That’s why we put together a video (see above) that shows you exactly what solar-charged driving is — and just how easy it is to do.

All you need is a solar system on your home’s rooftop, in the front yard, on a carport, etc. and an electric car. Plug the electric car in and solar electricity produced by the solar array — which is located not on the electric car itself, but elsewhere — flows directly into its battery pack. That battery pack powers the EV and, voila, you have solar-charged driving!

You’ve also got fueling independence, fueling cost savings, fueling convenience and, last, but not least, air pollution free driving.

Nothing could be simpler or, we think, cooler!

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