evs & phevs

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been around a long time — though plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are, comparatively speaking, a much more recent phenomenon. The ability to charge an EV’s battery with energy produced by solar panels has also been around a long time. What hasn’t been around yet is easy, and mass, access to EVs. That’s about to change. In this section we offer an explanation of EVs and PHEVs and provide you with the basic tools that you need to establish whether an EV/PHEV is for you. As we note on our “What we are & are not” page, we don’t purport to be car experts. We’re just trying to help solar-charged driving go mainstream, and providing basic overview of EVs/PHEVs as well as EV and PHEV models, along with pointing you to other resources on EVs/PHEVs — none of which focus on solar-charging EVs/PHEVs — is one way we hope to accomplish this.