Musings on going solar

In the Editor’s “On Going Solar” blog section, I’ll write about experiences I have with going solar. While many of the entries will involve a description of the process of going solar, some will also be general musings on going solar. The entries about my, really, our – my wife and family are also part of the whole experience — going solar experience will be more informal and more current than the articles about my solar-charged driving experience and my general experience going solar I’ve posted to the “SCD primer” and “Going solar” sections. I hope some of you find at least some of my musings on “going solar” interesting, potentially useful, and, ideally, thought-provoking.

Sopris Solar gives solar a bad name!

I feel like I am about to explode and I cannot, and will not, wait any longer to unload on one of the worst solar installation companies in the West: Sopris Solar. This, even though they are not finished with our solar installation, and lashing out right now could possibly make things worse. Of course, I am not sure how things can get worse because Sopris has been such an incompetent, poorly run solar installation company.

My cohousing HOA community is getting rooftop solar — finally!

Precisely 10 years ago to this month, REC Solar workers were on the rooftop of my Aurora, Colo. home installing a 5.5 kW solar system that is still there. The system outlasted me -- or, at least my marriage -- and is still there, pumping out clean, green electricity for the residents who bought the home from me and my now ex-wife in November of 2015, which we sold following a August 2015 divorce.