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Few things are more satisfying and rewarding than writing about something about which you are passionate. For me, the environment is one of the things for which I have the greatest passion. As a father of two young girls, and, more generally, as a member of global humanity, I believe there is nothing more important than ensuring that our planet is a livable place for its incredible array of organisms for as long as possible. Few things are more crucial to making sure this occurs than a truly massive shift from fossil — and finite — fuels to renewable, clean forms of energy like solar.

Tesla Supercharger station in Las Vegas.

Tesla Supercharger stations are running on solar-generated electricity

The photo above represents THE future of "gas" stations in the USA --> The fully solar-powered fast-charging electric "gas tank". This Tesla Super Charging station, complete with a massive roof of solar panels, which generate the electricity that flows into the Tesla batteries charged there, opened recently in Las Vegas. Tesla has quite a few more of these around the USA.