What SolarChargedDriving.Com is, and is not, about

We want to be clear about who we are, why we’re here, and what we are, and are not. Hence, the  “manifesto” of sorts below.

SolarChargedDriving.Com – What we are

  • We are dedicated to telling the story of the synergy between solar and EVs and PHEVs. We aim to do so by creating original content focused on interesting and important developments within the solar and EV and PHEV worlds relevant to solar-charged driving  and by serving as a unique portal to coverage of these developments by other web sites across the Web. On most of these sites, solar-charged driving is a footnote to coverage of EVs, PHEVs, solar power, energy efficiency, green driving, etc. EV plus sun plus solar panels = ZEV imageWe think these other sources are burying the lead — the fact that everyday individual consumers will soon be able to drive their car on the sun. It’s difficult for us to imagine something more exciting than this. Our goal is to transform the sun from a footnote to the lead, where we believe it truly ought to be. In other words, while others lead with EVs and PHEVs, “We lead with the sun”.
  • We are dedicated to covering, discussing and analyzing important people — and companies – who are working to develop the exciting synergy between solar and EVs and PHEVs. (Please contact us at editor@solarchargeddriving if you are one of these people and/or companies).
  • We are dedicated to actively creating a central space where the various players in the synergy between solar and EVs and PHEVs — the solar industry, car makers, green companies, individual consumers, environmental groups and organizations, government organizations, etc. — can come together to make the solar/EV-PHEV synergy a widespread reality.
  • We are dedicated to creating a central space where individual advocates and practitioners of solar-charged driving can share their stories and their ideas as well as create an online — and offline — community.
  • We are dedicated to getting the word out to America, and the world, that something which a very small group of people have been doing for quite awhile — powering your car by solar panels placed on top of a home roof top or garage — is not only possible, but is about to become far more possible and accessible to far more people than ever before!
  • Most fundamentally, we are dedicated to helping tell the story of the synergy between solar and EVs and PHEVs in order to help America — and the world — recognize and realize the truly huge story that solar-charged driving is, and thereby make it into the tremendously huge story it ought to be. When this story that ought to be truly big actually becomes as big as it should already be, we believe that millions of Americans — and Canadians and Australians and Italians, etc. — will say goodbye to tanking their cars with gasoline and instead fill up on sun, the most widespread form of energy on earth. It’s difficult for us to imagine something more exciting than this. We hope that you agree — and that you will help us make driving on the sun the revolution for solar and green energy that it has the potential to be.

SolarChargedDriving.Com – What we are not (yet)

  • Although we have tremendous respect for those who are technologically-minded, we are not a “techno-geek” site devoted to covering, analyzing and debating, in depth, the many fascinating technological questions and issues that converge around solar power and EVs and PHEVs. We are not currently able to jump into detailed discussions about conversation rates, insolation values, PV cells and so on. Our main focus is on Driving Solar — and the idea of solar as a truly exciting way of powering EVs and PHEVs — Forward.
  • We welcome these sorts of discussions on our pages, for instance, in the forums and in responses to articles we have written or to which we link. We also welcome guest articles and commentaries devoted to some of the more complicated technological dimensions of the intersection between solar power and EVs and PHEVs.
  • In sum, although we will learn as we go along, we are not currently equipped to deliver well-informed “techno-geek” information and discussion. Our focus is on promoting the mainstreaming of solar power and EVs and PHEVs.
  • We are not a miniature version of Road & Track or Car & Driver. While we do list EVs and PHEVs on our pages and offer basic information about these, and while we will write about our own personal experiences with EVs and PHEVs, we are not automotive experts.