News features: Solar carports & solar EV charging stations

There are most certainly thousands of solar carports and solar-charged EV stations around the world. BUT no one is keeping track of them. SolarChargedDriving.Com hopes that — with your help — we can change this and map all of the solar carports and solar-charged EV stations around the world. This collective attempt to map all solar carports solar-charged EV charging stations globally only works if everyone who contributes to the map does so accurately — and does not, for example — enter incorrect locations and/or information :-) Please help map the global rise of solar in parking lots and park places around the world! Here is the URL to the Google Map we — meaning all of us — are creating to map all of the world’s solar carports/canopies and solar EV charging stations:

This portable solar EV charger goes up in less than 10 minutes

California’s Governor Brown recently released an executive order announcing a new Zero-Emission Vehicle Initiative. In the order, the Governor called for at least five million electric vehicles on California’s roads by 2030. The consumer will consign that initiative to the annals of history as one of the very rare worthy goals that was exceeded by a significant margin.