[Photo Credit: XsunX.Com]

XsunX plugging more electric vehicles into solar

[Photo Credit: XsunX.Com]
[Photo Credit: XsunX.Com]
ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — XsunX, Inc., a solar and energy saving technologies provider, is helping more people plug their cars into the sun. The California-based company announced recently it is adding EV charging to some of the solar canopies, or solar carports, it produces.

Adding electric vehicle charging resources to solar canopies allows environmentally conscious clients to charge their vehicles with solar generated power. It also reduces the cost of utility provided electricity.

“Our vision is to offer solar solutions that provide clients the ability to service how they use power, when they use power, and how much power is necessary to run their operations,” said Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX.

XsunX’s latest carport installation will deliver 65 kW of clean renewable energy through two solar carport systems.

Designed to facilitate shelter and electric vehicle charging, the solar canopies can provide 100 percent of the customer’s annual energy needs, offsetting an average of 90 percent of their energy costs, and yield a savings in the range of $250,000 just in the first ten years, according to XsunX.

According to a recent report published at HybridCars.Com, since 2008, more than 463,000 electric cars have been sold in the U.S. with nearly 50 percent of those cars sold in California.

“In light of the rapidly growing EV market, the company’s addition of EV charging and battery storage solutions broadens our market opportunities here in California,” noted Djokovich.