New distance record for electric car: 345 miles

sanyo-world-recordSANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announced today that an EV powered by a SANYO lithium-ion battery pack that covered 345 miles (556 km) in Japan in November of 2009 on a single charge has been officially recognized as having completed the longest journey by an electric vehicle without recharging by Guinness World Records.

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The November trial run was sponsored by Japan Electric Vehicle Club (Japan EV Club) and implemented by driving a Mira EV from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan on Nov. 17, 2009. The SANYO lithium-ion battery systems housed in the Mira EV were designed by assembling 8320 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries (18650-type) which are normally used in laptops etc. Mira EV is an electric vehicle converted by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club.

In a press release, SANYO does not indicate how long it took to travel the 345 miles or what specific conditions — traffic, weather and otherwise — the Mira EV and its driver faced.

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