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Solar catamaran boat showcased in new video

The SoelCat 12, a solar-powered boat.

Soel Yachts, a company that blog logodesigned the SoelCat 12, a solar-charged and solar-powered boat that runs 100 percent on sunshine generated electricity when traveling at speeds of six knots or below, recently released a YouTube video that highlights the unique solar-charged catamaran zooming around a beautiful tropical island.

The video is a just a bit too long (2:27) — maybe 40 seconds or so. However, it’s fun to watch the aesthetically pleasing SoelCat “motoring” around in a beautiful tropical island setting with lots of sun!

The SoelCat 12 has a total lithium battery capacity of 120kWh and can operate for six hours at eight knots on batteries alone. The 39-foot vehicle can cruise at speeds between six and 15 knots.

“At six knots, the vessel operates entirely off the energy provided by the solar panels during sun shine hours,” notes David Czap, who has worked on the design of the solar pontoon.