Custom plates, bumper sticker for Chevy Bolt

My 2017 Chevy Bolt now has my old custom plates that were on my 2014 Nissan LEAF for three and a half years. I turned in my leased LEAF for a Bolt (which I also leased) at the end of September 2017. Also found a good spot for a new “SolarChargedDriving.Com” bumper sticker 🙂 [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich

My 2014 Nissan LEAF parked under 600 kW solar carport at Kaiser Permanente’s Centennial, Colo. location.

In late September, I leased a 2017 Chevy Bolt to replace my 2014 Nissan LEAF, which I had leased for three and a half years. That was seven weeks ago. It took me until early November to get my old LEAF plates — and a SolarChargedDriving.Com bumper sticker — onto my red Bolt.

It feels good to have these back on my current all-electric Bolt, which I love!

The vanity plates read “SOLPWRD”, short for “solar powered.” Technically, my Bolt is not really solar-powered — because divorce forced me to sell my house with solar panels two years ago.

However, I do pay extra money — about .02 cents more per kilowatt hour — for Xcel Energy’s Windsource, so my Bolt is still indirectly fueled by renewable energy. And I am hoping that eventually I will be able to get solar to fuel my Bolt in the HOA cohousing community that I moved into three months ago.

It’s great to have my “SOLPWRD” plates back, even if, technically, for now, the plates should really read: “WINPWRD” 😉

I also figured out a good place to put my “SolarChargedDriving.Com” bumper sticker on my Bolt. Safety sensors on the Bolt’s rear bumper made it a bit challenging to find a good spot for the sticker. But I found a nice, visible, symetrical  place for it, as you can see in the picture above.

Happy Sun Miles® everyone!