[Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL]

Harvard study: Air pollution increases COVID19 deaths

A new study shows that higher air pollution rates = more COVID19 deaths in the United States — and around the world.

editor's blog logoWe’ve known for a long time that air pollution kills. The World Health Organization estimates that seven million people a year die prematurely globally due to air pollution aggravating and intensifying conditions and heath events such as heart disease, heart attacks, asthma and strokes.

Now there is MORE evidence that air pollution kills. A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard University shows that cities in the U.S. with worse air pollution are experiencing higher rates of COVID19 deaths. The study found this correlation when accounting for many other factors, including income, race, and age.

YES, air pollution kills!

And if the world would FINALLY get its act together and stop burning filthy fossil fuels — which are NOT cheap as disingenuous fossil fuel advocates, e.g. fossil fools maintain when you add the costs of the pollution damage they incur — and replace them with 100% renewable energy and couple that with 100% electrification, all VERY achievable, do-able AND realistic goals, we would all literally live longer!

Why are we not doing this right now?!