Air pollution obscures the Denver, Colo. skyline. [Associated Press Photo]

editor's blog logo For past five years, always in the spring, I have developed a consistent, irritating dry cough. I have been tested three times for allergies across that time and the results have always showed that I have no allergies.

My theory has been that it is the COMBINATION of air pollution PLUS tree pollen that overwhelms my system and causes me to cough every spring here for week and weeks here in the Denver area.

This spring, thanks to cleaner air that has come as a result of less driving due to a stay-at-home order  in Colorado, I have had ZERO coughing PROBLEMS — until TODAY, Thurs., April 23, when I am beginning to develop some coughing 

Look at the air quality index across time for Denver area [see graphic below]. It DROPS in March but has been on steady rise, for most part, across April, likely correlating with more people driving their gas cars more — if we were 100% electric + 100% renewable energy — we would have essentially zero air pollution!

My basic point: Air pollution DOES affect people, including me, on a micro level, and in profound ways. Yet, for the most part, we as a society, don’t seem to care much, or want to do much about it, even though we can, should, and COULD, change this all rather quickly — within 10 or 15 years by going to 100% electrification. + 100% renewable energy.

It truly sucks that so many people don’t care — and that individuals, including me, but NOT only me, suffer as a result.

We so need an education system in the United States that instills true environmentalism in its students, something that is largely lacking in that system right now.

Just sayin’ … COUGH, COUGH, COUGH…

air pollution index in denver

Air pollution levels have been creeping up in Denver as more and more people again start to drive their gas cars more and more as the stay-at-home measures diminish here. My annual spring coughing has started to kick in again, precisely as the air pollution levels rise.

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  1. Rich Settembre

    So sorry your environment is so toxic.
    I grew up in a small house with 3 smokers, in New York City Jamaica Queens, 6 miles from JFK airport.
    Un-muffled Boeing 707s, 747s spewing exhaust 24-7, riding the dirty busses and subways to Long Island City. I COULD NOT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND ESCAPE NYC.
    The first morning I woke up at SUNY Oswego on the shores of Lake Ontario was the first morning of my 17 year old life my brain was fully oxygenated…my eyes were not bloodshot and itchy, I had my first great nights sleep.
    Smoking fools, internal combustion world.
    My advice is to do yourself a favor and get out of Dodge and life a healthy life…
    I escaped and have improved my life at 17…just a kid. Reverse those two digits and that’s my age…healthy strong and driving a Tesla. I live 4 miles from Lake Ontario 🙂 I love breathing fresh air and plan to for a long time. Live long and charge!

  2. iamciane

    Have you had your vitamin D tested? I always get a cough when my vitamin D is low. It’s not usually tested. You have to ask for it.


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