Solar Rights Alliance aims to tap the power of 700,000 California rooftop solar owners

Solar being installed on a rooftop in California.

As you may have heard, starting in 2020, California will require that all new single-family homes include a solar power system. (At present, about one in five new homes has solar added when built.) This will help California meet its ambitious goals regarding greenhouse gas emissions, and will continue California’s leadership in home energy efficiency.

As exciting as that news was, it makes it far too easy to overlook the constant, ongoing efforts of utilities, particularly the Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), like Southern California Edison, to erode the value of solar. Case in point, SCE has a rate case before the California Public Utilities Commission that attempts to create rate structures that are blatantly hostile to solar power systems. That means that SCE customers who installed solar in good faith, could see the value of their investment diminished thanks to a concerted effort by SCE to do just that!

Solar Rights Alliance
Fortunately, you don’t have to take this lying down. The Solar Rights Alliance (formerly known as Solar Citisuns) is working to organize solar system owners into a potent political force to push back against the army of lobbyists employed by the Investor Owned Utilities. There are more than 700,000 solar system owners in California — that is an interest group that needs to be heard. By joining the Solar Rights Alliance you will help to make sure that your interests are being heard by legislators and regulators alike.

It is easy to join: just follow this link to become an active member of the Solar Rights Alliance. The IOUs have the lobbyists, but we have the people! Be heard – join today!