COVID19 lock downs have cleaned up the air. Let’s use electric cars + renewables to keep it clean!

A clean air day in Los Angeles
A clear, clean air day in Echo Park in Los Angeles, Calif. in late March AFTER California Gov. Gavin Newsom had ordered California residents to stay at home. [Photo by Gabriel Duarte; Instagram = @photographyloverla]
editor's blog iconAir quality has improved dramatically in ALL places around the world where lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have radically reduced the number of gasoline cars and trucks on the road.

Obviously, this is NOT coincidence! ICEs (Internal Combustion Engine vehicles) spew out tremendous amounts of toxins into the air and directly into the lungs of those who drive them as well as into the lungs of those who are around them. These toxins include: Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulates.

Electric cars spew NONE of these toxins directly from their tailpipe into people’s lungs. Electric cars do NOT even have a tailpipe.

Yes, there is the BOGUS “long-tailpipe” argument, that is becoming increasingly silly as the percentage of electricity produced by renewable energy in much of the world has risen dramatically over the past five to 10 years. Indeed, we are already at the point where it is cleaner to drive an electric car than a gasoline car in 95% of the world!

As we move — as we MUST — increasingly to 100% renewable energy generated electricity, we also move closer and closer to an air pollution-free world, a development that could prevent up to 7 million premature deaths globally every year!

Yes, America, AND world, it is time to go to 100% electrification + 100% renewable energy! Multiple experts and multiple studies have clearly shown it IS possible and affordable. In fact, it saves money over burning of filthy fossil fuels by radically reducing health care and environmental damage costs.

As the CLEAN AIR infographic below shows, you can literally SEE the difference between clean air — which we can have with 100% electrification + 100% renewable energy — and dirty air. The global lockdowns literally show us that it is possible to clean our air and they show us that the claims that it is allegedly not possible are all LIES, LIES and MORE LIES!

So, please, if you can, do us all a favor ==> When it comes time to buy another car, make your next car electric! Also, please advocate for 100% renewable energy, vote for politicians who do so, and go 100% renewable energy by buying green energy from your utility or, if you can, by putting solar panels on your home!

I thank you, my lungs thank you, our lungs thank you, and global humanity thanks you as well! 🙂