Texting while driving bumper sticker

These drivers are illegally texting while driving — and endangering lives

blog logotextdriveWhether you’re driving an electric car or not, there is no excuse for endangering other people’s lives by regularly texting, surfing, etc. on your phone while driving. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems to me, based on admittedly anecdotal observation here in the Denver, Colo. area, as if about 50% of drivers are regularly texting.

So, about four months ago, to protect myself a bit in case I get rear-ended by an idiotic, selfish texting driver — of which there are FAR TOO MANY these days, I installed a dash cam on the rear window of my all-electric 2017 Chevy Bolt. I also installed a bumper sticker warning people that THEY ARE BEING FILMED.

Figure, MAYBE I CAN SUE their selfish ass if they rear-end me while texting and I am able to capture decent video proving that they were texting when they crashed in to me. I have captured quite a lot of video of people texting behind me with the camera across the past four months.

A picture of a guy texting while driving on I-225 in Aurora, Colo. I took the picture from a bus I was traveling in at the time. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]
But rather than put the video up — which is more time consuming, I decided I’d put up some screen shots of the idiot-selfish texting drivers here.

YES, I AM using those pejoratives repeatedly — idiotic and selfish — ON PURPOSE! I want to SHAME ANYONE WHO REGULARLY TEXTS WHILE DRIVING.

The shaming is because YOU MIGHT KILL OR MAIM SOMEONE just so that you can feed your texting addiction. IS it WORTH IT? REALLY!?

Anyway, above is a gallery of screen shots of texting drivers I have caught on my rear dash cam on my 2017 Chevy Bolt over the past four months. There are many more photos I could put here, but you get the point: There are A LOT OF PEOPLE ILLEGALLY TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. These people ARE ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF ALL OF THOSE AROUND THEM — CONSTANTLY!

Eventually, I might make a sarcastic/funny video with the clips I have captured with my rear dash cam of people illegally texting. But, for now, I will shame them with screen shots of video I captured.

Hopefully, I will never end up with video of a texting driver actually rear-ending me. But, if I do, I will be prepared — and ready to sue!




Oh, and here’s a link to an article with some pretty sobering statistics on texting while driving. Texting while driving kills dozens in the U.S. alone — every single day!