Custom software helps solar companies track solar production and use

Picture of custom solar softwareMany companies in the solar energy industry are often looking for more deals and to improve their closing rate on deals. They are also looking to best meet the needs of their customers. One of the ways these companies can stand out is by using energy management software. The use of energy management software helps companies in the solar energy industry better manage some of their technical and administrative operations.

There have been several energy management software solutions that have been developed during the past several years. Today, four distinct solutions have been established as the more effective in the industry.

Many software programs now provide options that verify the customer’s savings from a solar array. Companies now offer an iPad based program that helps them generate a 3D image of a building with a solar panel on the roof. We also see cloud-based platforms that connect engineers with project developers.

We now also see energy management software programs that provide solar companies with applications that are very fast along with being efficient to use.

With energy management software solutions, solar companies can improve the effectiveness of its sales team in several different ways. The software improves the team’s throughput velocity. It increases the overall engagement of customers. With this software, solar companies can establish value-based selling and also encourage real-time collaboration.

Solar power technologies
With the development of solar technologies, companies have been able to make themselves more marketable and helpful to their customers. Like all types of technology, solar energy sources need to be managed by software. With solar power software, companies can monitor the use of solar energy and also store it more efficiently.

A home solar system in Aurora, Colo.

The use of solar power software manages solar energy sources by using tracking mounts. The tracking mounts allow the solar panels to maximize the production of electricity. It does this by following the sun as it moves along the sky during the day. The tracking mount then tilts and shifts at an angle to absorb the sunlight. Solar mounts need to be managed by technology to control the mounts as well as keep track of how much energy is obtained and later stored.

Solar energy software is also essential to managing solar panels. The software is necessary to make sure that the panels are properly aligned as well as gathering a sufficient amount of solar energy. With more advanced software, solar panels can be better equipped to prevent the release of unharnessed thermal energy.

With the development of the new solar software, companies are also able to more easily manage solar thermal fuel. The software can help companies better manage and monitor the storage of solar energy. It can make the storage of solar energy not only more efficient but also more affordable. Software can be used to monitor the use of batteries that store the energy and then transport it to buildings for daily use.

The newly developed software can also be used to help manage solar water purifiers. It can be used to manage solar devices that purify water that is exposed to sunlight. The software can help companies and individuals purify water with a little chip on an object that they carry. This software can inform people when the water is completely purified as well as its overall progress once sunlight is obtained.

How custom software helps track solar use
Solar energy software helps both companies and property owners manage their solar-powered resources with minimal effort. There are several ways in which solar power technology is effectively managed by the custom-built software. These include providing energy audits, managing technology equipment, using real-time metering and tracking utility bills. The software also helps with carbon sustainability reporting and managing HVAC and lighting control systems.

One of the ways solar technology is effectively managed by software is by providing better data collection. The software can create a database that provides information about energy use and consumption. Things such as energy and utility bills can be put into a system and then have the bills paid automatically on time. Using this software provide data collection ensures that a database is accurate, that no billing errors are made and prevents late fees from occurring.

Solar technology can be managed through software by using energy information reporting. The software helps provide accurate energy consumption as well as expenditure data for large companies and government entities. The software provides these organizations with detailed energy information which includes the weather of a particular building or facility.

A home solar system being installed in Aurora, Colo.

The use of the software can also help organizations better allocate energy. It can be used to assist submeters in monitoring energy consumption. It provides information about energy use in a given facility in real-time and informs organizations to make load changes based on the data available.

Technology in the solar industry can have improved operational reliability with this software. All applications that include HVAC, data centers and manufacturing assembly lines are more easily controlled through the consumption of energy. This results in better management of energy sources.

As technology continues to advance, solar companies will need to acquire more advanced software’s so that they can better manage their facilities and resources. The latest software has proven to help solar companies and their customers keep track of energy consumption as well as find more efficient ways to store solar energy. In the future, this energy management software will become the standard technological resource to better manage the use of solar energy.

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Sanjeev Kota brings over 17 years of experience in energy & utilities software development. He is currently Sr. Project Manager at Chetu Inc based in Atlanta, Georgia. With his many years of experience, Sanjeev has successfully delivered innovative software solutions that serve the solar power industry.