These dudes DELIBERATELY blocked ALL Tesla Superchargers at the Yorktown Heights, New York Tesla Supercharger. They are what I call GAS HUGGERS, every single one of them, trying to hold on to gasoline when a clear, clean, better, cheaper, more sophisticated alternative exists. That alternative = renewable energy — and locally — generated electricity fueling quicker (MUCH quicker), quieter, much cheaper-to-fuel and much more fun-to-drive electric cars. Gas Huggers are are backwards oriented AND on the losing side of the INEVITABLE move to 100 percent electrification and 100 percent renewable energy. [Photo by Ankur Potdar]

blog logoSo, I don’t care if some people get offended by this rant. I. Do. No. Care.

Flame me, rant back at me, make death threats — WHATEVER?!*#.

I feel THAT STRONGLY about this: Idiot GAS HUGGERS DELIBERATELY blocking 100 percent of access to a Tesla Supercharger Station in Yorktown Heights, New York today.

BTW, Gas Huggers = People desperately trying to hold on to backwards, filthy, health and environment killing gasoline when a cleaner, cheaper, more sophisticated alternative, namely renewable energy — and locally — generated electricity exists!

The Administrators at the Tesla Model 3 Facebook Group I am a member of turned off the comments on this picture — posted by Tesla Model 3 owner Ankur Potdar this morning (Sept. 22, 2019) —  of backward GAS HUGGERS who completely blocked access to all Tesla Superchargers at this station. At the point at which comments were blocked by the group administrators, the photos on the Tesla Model 3 Facebook Group had generated more than 300 comments.

I didn’t get a chance to comment on these pictures in the Tesla Model 3 Facebook group, so I will do it here. Again, if you are offended by this rant. I. Do. Not. Care.

This old, smelly, un-educated group deliberately blocked ALL of the Tesla Superchargers at the Yorktown Heights, New York Tesla Supercharger station with their GAS HOGGING, POLLUTING, CARCINOGENIC SPEWING CARS. Their ICE CARS suck down DIRTY OIL at a PRODIGIOUS RATE. This, so that we end up having to fight wars in places like the Persian Gulf in which thousands of Americans — and countless others — die!


Imagine a gas station being 100 percent blocked that you NEEDED to fuel at in order so that you could make it further on your road trip — by KNUCKLEHEADS LIKE THIS!

Deliberate blocking of Tesla Superchargers is a COMMON THING, as many of you may already know.

This, even though Tesla is AN AMERICAN COMPANY and these REDNECKS are allegedly FOR AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.




I will FIGHT THEM politically, ideologically, and practically — by Driving on Sunshine for the rest of my life — in EVERY WAY I CAN AND I will do so at EVERY corner and turn. This INCLUDES posting thousands of stories, videos, blog entries, pictures, etc. toSolarChargedDriving.Com, which I founded 10 years ago, this month!

And, no, I will not open my mind to them. Not until they open their own minds to clean, LOCAL, AMERICAN electricity, that can be, and often is being, produced by 100 percent clean, green, air pollution renewable energy!


Backward, stone-age GAS HUGGERS deliberately blocking access to Tesla Supercharger stations at the Yorktown Heights, New York Tesla Supercharger. [Photo by Ankur Potdar]

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