Global climate strikes underscore need to move to 100 percent renewable energy

Climate strike protestors in Denver.
Yes, this IS TRUE: We ARE running out of time on the Climate Crisis. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]
Not all electric car advocates are motivated by environmentalism. But I am one of those greenie advocates! If we could not power electric cars with 100 percent renewable energy, I would have ZERO interest in electric cars.

But, of course, WE CAN power electric cars with 100 percent renewable energy. We can thereby eliminate air pollution, which is literally killing us humans, and other living beings, and radically reduce climate change, which threatens to potentially annihilate us as a species in the long term.

Because climate change represents a clear existential threat to humanity, and to all living beings on earth, I have been a long-time climate change activist. And, today, I participated in the global climate strikes along with MILLIONS of other people AROUND THE WORLD.

I did so here in Denver, Colo. where I marched about one mile from Union Station to the Colorado Capitol building along with what I would estimate were between 3,000 and 5,000 other people. It was a great day here in Denver, both in terms of the weather — sunny and warm (probably TOO warm for later September) — and in terms of the positive energy of my fellow protestors.

I started the day of right by driving my 2017 Chevy Bolt, which I power with Xcel Windsouce Energy, one mile to the Littleton, Colo. Mineral RTD Light Rail Station. I took the Light Rail to, and from, the protest. So did a large portion of the other protestors, which is why it started at a major light rail hub, Denver’s Union Station.

I really enjoy taking photos, so, I took a bunch of photos the protest. I’ve included some of those below in the form of a photo gallery. Hope you enjoy it!

It was especially great to see all of the YOUNG PEOPLE, some of them very young, out there protesting for a clean, renewable energy future!

[All photos in The Photo Gallery below are taken by me, Christof Demont-Heinrich :-)]

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