Air pollution envelopes a city near mountains.

Air pollution is killing 8.8 million people a year: What you can do right now to change that!

Air pollution in Denver, Colorado.
Solar-charging electric vehicles is one way to radically reduce air pollution.

editor's blog logoWe have the ability to eliminate air pollution, a global killer that affects more than 90 percent of the world population.

It’s quite simple, actually: Eliminate the burning of fossil fuels and move to 100 percent renewable energy and electrify everything — including transportation. Yes, that INCLUDES your car!

Research is increasingly revealing the devastating effects of air pollution on human and environmental health. Plausible connections have now been made between air pollution and dementia. The CLEAR, DIRECT impact of air pollution on other diseases and health maladies such as asthma, strokes and heart attacks has long since been scientifically established.

We don’t need science to tell us that air pollution is unhealthy: It makes intuitive sense that burning something, which creates smoke and fumes, which we then inhale directly in to our lungs and bodies, is UNHEALTHY. Very unhealthy!

You COULD be part of the solution — if you are not already — by driving an electric car, bike, vehicle powered by electricity generated by renewable energy. In so doing, you will be helping boost your own basic health, the health of all of those around you, and the health of all living beings on Earth.

So, what’s stopping you?

Join the solar-charged driving revolution — and start logging your own Sun Miles® today!