My red 2017 Bolt LT parked in Goleta, Calif. after a 1,200 mile road trip from Denver, Colo. in July 2018. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]

Using home solar to charge an electric car No. 1 way to achieve fueling independence

A home solar system can charge an electric car such as a Nissan LEAF.
An all-electric Nissan LEAF parked in front of a home with a 5.5 kW solar system used to fuel the LEAF.

A solar-charged electric car is a clean, green, and efficient car, one that will save you money — and allow you to realize the joy and satisfaction of 100 percent fueling independence.

When you realize you could be skipping the gas station 100 percent and not send a penny to large oil companies, when you realize that you could, quite literally, buy an EV and run it off the sun, you will want to drive solar electric.

When you realize that, in one fell swoop, you can actively, concretely and directly help drive solar forward, promote renewables, clean up the air in your neighborhood, reduce global warming, take a big chunk of change out of the pockets of “Big Oil” and “Dirty Coal” AND achieve 100 percent fueling independence, you will want to drive solar electric.

And when you realize that you, too, can do ALL of this simply by making your next car an electric car and by installing solar on your home, your garage, or by popping up a solar carport in your driveway and plugging in to the sun, you will want to go EV + PV and start to Drive On Sunshine — not next year, not next month, not next week, but yesterday!

For nearly a decade, we at SolarChargedDriving.Com have been doing everything possible to make sure more and more EVs replace gasoline cars and that as many of us as possible are driving electric cars powered by renewable energy.

Join us today, and help “merge” electric cars together with solar energy, leave Big Oil in the Dust forever, and tap into fueling independence for the rest of your driving years!