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EV chargers an under-utilized source of parking lot monetization

Electric vehicle chargers can draw customers to your business, whether it is a hotel, restaurant or retail outlet. [Pixabay.Com Photo]
With so many drivers choosing to drive electric vehicles these days, it’s surprising how few level 2 charging stations are available. Travelers may have local options but struggle to find hotels, motels, and other travel organizations with readily available charging solutions.

Those organizations are missing out on an easy source of passive income that is green in every sense of the word.

Lodging companies stand to generate significant extra revenue by simply installing charging stations in their parking lots.

How else do electric vehicle chargers boost your bottom line?

Reach a Larger Customer Base
Plenty of travelers specifically seek out hotels and motels with EV charging stations.

By going green and offering charging stations, you can connect with a massive community of EV drivers who will not only support your business, but also recommend it to other travelers.

Consumers who have purchased and drive EVs also tend to have more disposable income. Attracting them with charging stations increases the average value of customers you serve.

Charge for Charging
What if you could choose how much your guests pay for your EV charging stations?

As long as you go through a provider like EV Connect that lets you control your rates, you can offer EV charging at the price of your choosing.

If you charge more than the electricity costs, then you pocket that extra money.

You can also drive traffic to your location by offering charging for free.

Both business models have their benefits.

The question is: Do you want to generate revenue through selling electricity itself, or would you rather earn long-term income by elevating your property to attract more guests?

Affordable charging is an ideal middle ground that lets you reap the benefits of both approaches.

It’s all about knowing your clientele and finding that sweet spot.

EV chargers drive electric car drivers to your business, in particular, if it is a hotel along a major long-distance travel route.

Improve Your Reputation
In today’s digitally connected world, consumers research businesses before supporting them.

Beyond seeking out specific features and amenities, many consumers want to know that they are supporting business owners who hold similar ideals and values.

Offering EV charging stations shows the world that you care about the environment and that you’re part of the solution. EV charging stations are also, quite simply, impressive modern technology. On a basic, visual level, people are impressed when they see that a business integrates the latest innovative tech, even if they don’t drive EVs.

Compare this to the paltry approach of hotel chains that consider “going green” to be a pamphlet asking customers to re-use their towels.

Elevate Your Approach to Advertising
EV charging stations are major selling points for travelers. For long-distance trips, many EV drivers plan where they will stay by locating the nearest electric vehicle charging station.

Advertise your charging options on your website, brochures, review sites, social media, and so on.

Because EV chargers are relatively rare at this point in time, businesses who install EV chargers now have a first-mover advantage over their competition. No one will care if you are the second or third business on your block to install electric vehicle charging stations.

Additionally, your charging station can help you to get noticed by travelers who may not have known about your lodging otherwise.

For example, the EV Connect mobile app gives drivers access to a map that lists all the local charging stations. If someone’s passing through, they might end up supporting your business simply because they needed to charge up.

Collect Monetary Incentives
Federal and state governments currently offer a variety of tax incentives, loans, and subsidies to offset the cost of buying and installing electric vehicle charging stations.

If you thought EV charging stations wouldn’t fit in the budget, you may be surprised by how much money can be saved and earned through government programs.

Keep in mind that these incentives won’t always be available. As EVs become increasingly common, the need to incentivize business owners decreases.

Now is the time to get on board before the ship sails.

How to Get Started
If you’re going to offer EV charging stations, it’s critical that you do it right the first time. Whether you’re selecting an EV charger provider or choosing the best parking lot position for EV charging stations, the details matter.

If you’re interested in pursuing this exciting business endeavor, the first step is to do some research. While multiple providers offer some form of charging stations, it is important to find a provider offering a full charging solution.

For instance, EV Connect offers comprehensive EV charging solutions which includes everything from infrastructure and construction consulting and cloud-based mobile management tools to 24/7 support.

Now Is the Time
This is an exciting time for anyone considering investing in EV charging infrastructure. The industry is poised for significant growth, and government incentives are readily available — for now.

If you run a hotel, motel, a bed and breakfast, or any other sort of travel organization, there’s profit to be made.

Embrace the future, save the planet, and grow your bottom line.