All-electric Chevy Bolt quicker than most gas cars — a lot quicker!

So, those of you who drive an electric car already know this, but it’s worth driving the point home again and again and again to those who hold old, tired, inaccurate stereotypes about electric cars: Electric cars are NOT “slow”! Quite the opposite, actually!

I bought a dash camera and put it on the rear window of my 2017 Chevy Bolt this weekend — to catch the texters, and so I can prove someone was texting if (when?) I get rear-ended by a texting driver.

BUT I also had some fun with it. I currently drive an all-electric Chevy Bolt with 238 miles of range. It goes 0-60 in 6.3 seconds — that’s quicker than at least 70 percent of gas cars, including, quite probably your own gasser .

In this music video, which I made this weekend — using the video editing software Adobe Premiere, yay!, I haven’t forgotten how to use it, despite not using it in 2 years — I have some fun, leaving gas cars IN THE DUST!

Yes, driving electric kicks some serious “gas ass” 

==>HINT: Turn up the sound on this video — the music makes it much more fun to watch!

My 2017 Chevy Bolt parked against the backdrop of Utah’s rugged beauty. The Bolt is a QUICK car!