Tesla solar shingles power a home — and an electric car

blog logoIt’s amazing how much more high-tech solar-charged driving is today than it was back in 2014 when I first plugged our First Generation Nissan LEAF into solar at our home at 4000 S. Atchison Way in Aurora, Colo.

Now, you can skip the panels, and just re-roof with Tesla solar shingles. You can also outdo my old set-up, which, unfortunately, I do not have any more due to divorce — the house was sold in late 2015, by adding Tesla Powerwalls to ensure you aren’t filling your electric car, or Tesla, with solar offset at night, but with electricity generated by your own solar rooftop that is stored in the Powerwalls to use at night when the sun is down.

This set-up is exactly what the Tesla owner-supporter in the YouTube video at the top has. And it is sweet!

Just as sweet, though, is the fueling independence, stick-it-to-Big-Oil, Drive Air Pollution free feel that solar-charged driving can deliver to anyone who plugs their electric car into the sun.

Have fun racking up those Sun Miles®  everyone. Nothing beats #DrivingOnSunshine 🙂

A Tesla Model X parked in front of a home with Tesla solar shingles. The home is also equipped with three Tesla Powerwalls. [YouTube Screen Grab]