urban smog caused by cars

EVs + 100% renewables could stop air pollution — and thereby reduce allergy suffering!

Air pollution in Los Angeles would virtually disappear with 100 percent renewables.
Air pollution in the Greater Los Angeles area. [Wikimedia Commons Photo]
editors-blog-entry3I’ve been tested for allergies multiple times across the past few years and always the tests come up negative. Yet I have had consistent problems with dry, asthma like — and sometimes nearly uncontrollable — coughing every spring, including this spring.

Well, folks AIR POLLUTION could be playing a big role. Air pollution is getting worse and worse in Denver, Colo. (where I live) as more people move here and drive their gasoline car stinkers here AND studies show that while air pollution CAN significantly exacerbate allergies, and possibly even create allergies for people where none appeared to exist before.

So, I am going to blame air pollution for my current misery — with my misery quite possibly caused at least partially by precisely the mode of transportation I have been working for 10 years to try and get people to change, from gasoline to electric via SolarChargedDriving.Com — the latter of which can be fueled by 100 percent renewable energy.

We are really hurting ourselves with our air pollution, people, we really are!!! Why do some many of us NOT seem to care???!!!

One-hundred percent renewable energy + 100 percent electrification, including OUR CARS (yes, this INCLUDES yours, if you haven’t electrified yet!!), would eliminate air pollution, and likely reduce, or even eliminate, my suffering, along with the suffering of tens of millions of others around the world — plus prevent millions of premature deaths worldwide every year caused by air pollution.

Thank you to all of you who are already combining electric vehicles with 100 percent renewable energy and/or biking, walking, and doing other things to reduce health threatening air pollution wherever you live.

And, to those of you who have done nothing so far: Why not?

It’s your lungs, too, and your body, allergies, etc. that are paying a big price for the air pollution caused by the burning of dirty fossil fuels!