Picture of Tesla dashboard with Tesla Sentry Mode on

Bad guys beware: Tesla Sentry Mode is watching — and recording — you!

Tesla Sentry Mode captures a hit-and-run driver crash in a parking lot.
Tesla Sentry Mode captures the moment when someone backing out of a parking space sideswipes a Tesla Model 3.

It still hasn’t seeped into wider public awareness that many cars are now equipped with video cameras that can, and do, capture people’s every move. This is true whether they are a hit-and-run driver, a vandal, a would-be car thief, or a texting driver who has just rear-ended a car with a video system.

Tesla offers the most sophisticated video capture system on the market today. Basically, any type of motion near a Tesla equipped with Tesla Sentry Mode trips the video system. A Tesla with Tesla Sentry Mode is equipped with multiple cameras, and those cameras capture pretty much everything that’s going on, much to the surprise — and chagrin — of people with bad intent 😉

The automotive web site PartCatalog.Com has written about some of the more interesting Tesla Sentry Mode Moments in short piece called Crazy Stories of Tesla Sentry Mode in Action . It’s definitely worth a read, and a look at the embedded YouTube videos.

Check it out!