Citgo gas station.

Celebrate Independence Day by plugging into an electric car — and leave Big Oil behind forever!

Gas station with R.I.P. superimposed on it. Big Oil is on its way out
Driving an electric car delivers independence from Big Oil — forever!

editor's blog iconOn this 4th of July, 2019, let’s celebrate the joy of fueling independence 🙂

An electric vehicle frees you from trips to the gas station. You will never again share gas fumes with others at a self-serve gas station near you.

Let’s repeat that, because it is a very radical concept – one that should have Big Oil quaking in its boots, or at least those Big Oil companies who haven’t had sufficient foresight to diversify their energy discovery and production approach and move, big time, into renewables: With an EV, you will never, ever visit a gas station again. Never.

If you have a PHEV – which mixes the technology of electric driving with hybrid driving — depending on how much you drive it, and how you drive it, you may go months, yes, that’s right, months between those tedious trips to your local self-serve.

If you partially, or, better yet, fully charge your EV with electricity generated by solar panels on your home, you will be getting as close as you possibly can to complete car-fueling independence.

No more Big Oil companies or gas station managers between you and where you’re driving.

Just the sun and the solar panels on your home.

It’s difficult to imagine something more satisfying than being able to say that you are powering your car by yourself – except perhaps the satisfaction of driving by your local gas station and, in your head, imagining a big “RIP” superimposed onto the logo of Big Oil company A, B, or C.

The more of us who power our EVs partially or fully by solar on our home rooftops, the less oil we have to import from strife torn regions such as the Middle East.

Not to mention, the more of us who solar-charge our cars – and who mostly, or completely leave gasoline, and gas stations behind, the less pressure there is to “drill, baby, drill” in pristine wilderness areas such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In contrast to drilling more here at home – for an energy resource that it’s important to point out will run dry no matter what – a solar-charged driving road to energy independence creates national energy independence on the foundation of a limitless form of energy, the sun. And it does so without destroying the incredible beauty of America.

Let’s celebrate that, as we also celebrate Independence Day in the United States.

Gas stations of America, Rest In Peace!