Tesla Texas crash shows off more piss-poor journalism from journalists

The burned out frame of a Tesla in Texas. The facts surrounding this fiery crash, which killed two people, are still not clear, although many media did not let that stop them from pushing out un-substantiated “facts” alleged by the police. [Photo Credit: KPRC2 Houston]
blog logoI have to say, as a journalist and journalism teacher it is very disappointing to see pack journalism that pushes out what is now clearly being revealed as INCORRECT information, and then the sheep jump on, and it’s off to the non-factual, sensationalist races.

That’s the case in terms of much news media coverage of a crash that occurred last week involving a Tesla vehicle in Texas. Sadly, the crash killed two people. Also, sadly, many news media outlets immediately jumped to conclusions that additional investigation is now revealing are incorrect.

In addition, as usual, most news coverage failed to provide sufficient larger context and background 😖.

I am simultaneously amazed, stupefied, angered and frustrated by now LITTLE knowledge so many mainstream journalists seem to have about electric cars and how LITTLE effort so many appear be willing to put in to inform themselves more so that they can produce better, fairer, more context full reports about electric cars, whether we are talking about crashes involving EVs or other dimensions/aspects of electric vehicles.

To clarify on the Tesla crash in Texas last week ==>

1. This Tesla fire after a crash in Texas last week lasted a few minutes, THEN firefighters kept water on the car battery for hours to keep it cool. A massive fire did NOT blaze for hours!

2. More and more evidence is pointing toward someone being in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash. The only “evidence” that there was no one in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash is ONE quote from a cop SPECULATING at the scene!

3. There is no hard evidence that Tesla auto pilot is to blame.

4. Human driver error causes 90% of crashes and kills 35,000+ people every year in the USA and about one million people worldwide every year! It’s very clear that computers are going to be safer — far safer — than we are. Just take a look around at all the AHOLES texting and driving in every car around you the next time you drive somewhere for evidence of how NOT perfect we humans are at driving!

5. There are about 190,000 gas car fires per year in the USA, which burn far more often than electric cars. But this is ignored in all news reports AND by ILL-INFORMED news consumers who somehow missed the memo 🙄 that the RULE in news coverage is that it is THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE that is covered.