More questions about a rooftop solar + Tesla Powerwall + EV charger set up

As I’ve noted in a couple of previous blog entries, I just bought townhome in an HOA in Littleton, Colo. and have a two-car garage that is not attached to my townhome or to any other buildings for that matter + the HOA owns the roof of my garage (and the roof of my townhome).

I just posted some questions about a solar rooftop + Tesla Powerwall + EV charger set-up to a Facebook group I joined this morning, Tesla Energy: Powerwall, roof, solar. I figured I’d post them here on SolarChargedDriving.Com as well in the hopes of increasing the feedback/advice I get.

Here goes — with some background about my rather unique situation — preceding my questions –>

I am working toward getting HOA approval to put solar on my garage roof so that I can charge my 2014 Nissan LEAF with solar. 35 garage units in 6 garage blocks are all on a SINGLE electric meter that is collectively paid for by HOA residents through monthly fees.
I was told by a solar expert at Namaste Solar here in Colorado that I may not be able to install grid tied solar on my garage roof because of the single meter for all garages situation here in Highline Crossing Cohousing. He said you need your own individual meter in order to put solar up and tie this in to the grid/utility — the utility here = Xcel Energy.
Given this + my desire to solar-charge my LEAF again (I had to sell my house with solar 2 years ago due to divorce), I am considering a rooftop solar + Tesla Powerwall + EV charger option.

I had some questions I was hoping others out there (perhaps with this set-up already) might be able to help me with –>
1. Any ideas on how much a 2 kW system + Powerwall 2 + EV charger would cost?
2. If my set-up was not grid tied, what would that mean in terms of potential excess power produced by my solar system (does it get shut down once the battery is filled with “Sunshine” electricity?)
3. Do I actually need a separate/my own utility meter in order to tie my system to the grid — or could I be tied into the grid and simply “donate” the electricity my panels produced to the HOA group and its single meter (which is not located on my garage block) and Xcel energy would allow me to grid tie my system. 
4. Would a Powerwall 2 be sufficient to “fill” the battery of my 2014, 24 kWh battery pack/Nissan LEAF?
5. What does a rooftop solar + powerwall + EV charger set-up actually look like, meaning how is an EV charger tied into the system/the Powerwall? How do you set things up so that the Powerwall feeds its solar-generated electricity into the EV charger? Could an EV charger that was installed on its own before the solar + Powerwall + EV charger set up be used for that set-up?
6. Does anyone have a set-up like this? If so, it would be great to tap your experience and expertise — if you have any feedback/advice it would be much appreciated 🙂
Thank you — and many happy SunMiles® to you!