Tires tend to wear (much) more quickly for many (most?) EV drivers than for ICE drivers.

Tire makers need to make better tires for electric cars

The EfficientGrip Performance concept EV tire by Goodyear.

editor's blog iconSo, after writing a blog entry about my less than impressive experience with tire wear and electric car driving across the past four and a half years, I’ve got a cadre of “fans” in a Chevy Bolt Owner’s Facebook Group who are saying — some in very patronizing fashion — that the problem with my Chevy Bolt tires is not the tires: It’s me!

I’m allegedly driving the car, and its tires, “too hard” and my feet are “too heavy” on the accelerator .

Well, I’ll be!

Apparently, I need to drive my EV like a grandma so that the tires don’t wear out prematurely!?

First of all, I do NOT floor it very often in my Bolt. That noted, I SHOULD be able to give it a kick now and then — that’s HALF of the fun of driving electric, at least for most electric car drivers (though maybe not my cadre of Facebook Chevy Bolt Owner’s group “fans”).

Why should I, and all of us electric car fans, NOT get to experience the pure joy of electric car quickness simply because tire makers clearly have not caught up with changing technology yet?

Me, otherwise known as “EV Speedy Gonzalez” for my alleged EV “lead foot”, posing with my 2017 Chevy Bolt while on a round-trip road trip from Denver to Santa Barbara in late July.

Tire makers need to invest more time and money into developing tires specifically, and only, for electric cars. They need to build tires more like this tire from Goodyear.  That, my friends, is the answer to the premature tire wear issue for many of us who drive EVs. The answer is NOT that we drivers slow down!

In short, overly quick tire wear for tires on electric cars is not a consumer “problem”. It is a producer problem!

Tire producers need to produce improved and customized products that keep up with the ever increasing number of electric cars and EV drivers. Once again, with some exceptions, MOST of these drivers want to be able to drive their EVs like EVs are capable of being driven!

So, tire makers: Let’s get going on developing more of the special/new tires we need in order to drive EVs like they have been built to be driven. These tires should ALSO deliver the longevity they are claimed to be able to achieve but, for now, unfortunately, are apparently only able to achieve for gasoline cars – and for EVs driven conservatively by EV hyper-miler types who are apparently okay w/missing half the fun of driving an EV.