You read it first here at SolarChargedDriving: Big Oil, and the internal combustion engine, will be dead sooner than you think!

An oil platform in the ocean.

editors-blog-entry3Meanwhile, while most people slept through it, and don’t even know much, if anything, about electric vehicles, EVs are on the verge of killing the internal combustion engine — and sinking Big Oil as well (that’s the best part!).

I saw this already back in 2009, when I founded, and I’ve been driving all electric since 2014, powering my 2014 Nissan LEAF with 100 percent clean, green renewable solar and wind power!

But now others are seeing the proverbial writing is on the wall. Check out this excellent piece published recently in a major mainstream Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star –>
‘Why electric vehicles are closer than they appear’

texas-oil-900pxThe death of the internal combustion engine car and its replacement by the electric car, which can be 100 percent fueled with renewable energy generated electricity, is coming very soon. This, again, despite the fact that very few of my friends, and relatives — and quite likely very few of yours — have an electric car.

They will have an electric car sooner than they think — or really, we’ll have self-driving electric fleets owned by Uber, etc. and the need to own a car will go away — completely!

Check back with me in 10 to 15 years, and you will say, “You were right, Christof. You were right!”

I bet there are other long-time EV advocates out there who are also relishing the now very clear coming vindication of the electric car, and the validity of their early insight into the future, right? 😉