Sleek Italian-designed solar EV charging station

luminexence-mainSolar-powered EV charging stations don’t have to be boring or all the same, as a new design from an Italian firm, LumineXence, shows.

Called “Lotus”, the solar-EV charging station is designed in the shape of a leaf, incorporates plenty of pleasing green color, and boasts elegant curves and a sophisticated look.

Sophisticated design in solar-EV charging

But don’t take our word for it, check out the YouTube video to the right, or, if you don’t have three minutes to spare, the photos we’ve included.

The solar-EV charging station comes in different sizes: A single, double, or triple leaf – and, you guessed it – a four-leaf clover shape as well. There’s also “large” and “small” leaf, with the large leaf cast as the ultimate solar carport by LumineXence.

The single leaf will produce 500 watts while the “large” leaf incorporates enough solar cells to produce 2.8 kW.

According to LumineXence, 90% of the Lotus Leafs will be made from materials that are recyclable.


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