Denmark charges ahead with electric cars

danish-wind-millsSOURCE: New York Times

Denmark is a world leader in environmentalism and green living. So it’s no surprise that it’s revving up for an EV revolution with huge tax breaks of up to $40,000 for EV buyers and an electrical charging infrastructure powered increasingly by Denmark’s — and the world’s — cleanest form of energy, the wind.

“We want to be a test and laboratory country for electric cars, hybrid cars and other new technology,” says Lars Barfoed, the Danish minister of transport in a Dec. 1 New York Times article. “And as host of the climate change conference, that’s made us feel responsible and want to show the world we can do something.”

The ideal scenario for the Danish-EV marriage: Cars would charge up as the winds blow at night, when power demand is lowest. Charging would soak up the utility’s extra power and sharply shrink the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.

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(SolarChargedDriving.ComNewswire summary posted 12-2-09)

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