New video ‘rocks up’ the advantages of home solar PV for your EV

Home solar plus electric car combination
Home solar + an electric car = BIG fuel cost savings across the life of your home solar system.

editors-blog-entry3Ok, so the music to this video promoting solar-charged driving produced by a website called PV4EVS.Com is a bit over-wrought, and the video itself is kind of goofy — in a good (self-ironic?) way ;-).

But the message is a clear one, and that message comes across very nicely: Solar-charged driving saves money, is better for the environment — and is the future of driving. Period!

Have fun watching this relatively new video, posted to Vimeo in early 2019 — and ‘jamming out’ to the 1980s style rock music in the background 😉

Solar Charged Driving from Solar on Vimeo.