Cruise Cars getting great solar mileage

cruise-carsMany of the customers who have bought Cruise Car, Inc. ‘All American’ solar electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are reporting that after their initial full capacity charge they are able to drive up to 10 miles daily without having to recharge their vehicles using external power sources. In other words, the onboard solar panels are producing enough charge to keep the All American at a state of full charge, eliminating the need for remote charging stations and the attendant infrastructure.

“Particularly in this environment of rapidly rising gas and energy prices, being able to take a facility’s low speed transport needs totally off-the-grid represents a huge savings in not only fuel costs but also the vehicle support infrastructure – no remote charging stations, wiring, etc.,” says Ken Chester, president of Cruise Car Inc.

“Hearing from some of our customers that they have not needed to charge their All Americans since initial delivery was quite frankly very pleasant feedback for us,” adds Cruise Car general manager Adam Sulimirski.

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According to Sulimirski, 30 percent federal tax grants that and Cruise Car Inc.’s leasing program which allows tax exempt organizations to benefit from the grant help make the company’s unique solar-powered vehicles economical.

Cruise Car engineers and manufactures the All American in Sarasota, Fla. with up to 50 percent recycled or certified remanufactured parts and materials integrated on welded aluminum space frames with custom aluminum-alloy extrusions.

Covered by a new vehicle warranty, the All American meets the requirements of Executive Order 13514 mandating that government agencies reduce vehicle fleet petroleum use by 30 percent by 2020 and increase recycling and waste diversion by 50 percent by 2015. The ‘All-American’ Line is GSA Schedule approved and Cruise Car has received orders from many branches of government as they work to attain sustainability goals for Federal agencies.

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