Celebrating two years with home solar

Two years. 26 solar panels. 17,000 kWh. 30,000 pounds of CO2 prevented. More than 9,000 banked solar kWh. More than $1,000 worth of electricity savings.

Enough electricity production to power 100 percent of our family of four’s electricity use. Plus enough extra electricity generated to power two Nissan LEAFs 17,000 miles each. And more than $5,000 worth of banked solar “gasoline”, using 25 mpg and $3.80 per gallon as the baseline.

All of this for an out-of-pocket investment of $8,000 for a 5.59 kW home solar system, a very smart investment we made two years ago this month.

34,000 miles of banked solar EV fuel
In fact, if we actually had an EV or two – unusual personal circumstances mean getting an EV, or two, isn’t smart for us right now (it will be later!) — to fuel with our 34,000 miles of banked solar kWh, we would be just $2,000 away from total system payback.

So, if you count our banked kWh against gasoline costs that we’ll eliminate when we replace one, or more, of our two gas clunkers with a plug-in vehicle, or two, we’ll have reached total system payback at this time next year, or just three years after purchasing a home solar system for our perfect-for-solar, south-facing, un-shaded, Aurora, Colo., rooftop.

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Not bad, eh?

Yes, we’re celebrating two years with home solar here at SolarChargedDriving.Com 🙂 Come celebrate with us by watching the YouTube video above, and, if you haven’t already and you’re able to do so, by going solar yourself.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the feeling of independence that home solar delivers. That feeling is intensified ten-fold, when you’re talking not just about powering your home electricity use with an independent, rooftop home solar system, but one, or more, plug-in vehicles as well!


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