Another solar gas station goes up in Germany

hanover-solar-evGermany, the world leader in solar and in solar-powered EV charging stations, has yet another “solar gas station”, or “Solartankstelle.”

Lower Saxony Minister David McAllister and Guido Rettig, President and CEO of TÜV NORD Group, recently inaugurated a new solar e-charging station in Hannover-Döhren. The station offers a total of nine charging stations and visitors can fuel up their electric cars, scooters and bikes free of charge.

The solar gas station is expected to produce about 7,000 kWh of electricity per year, or enough to power 25,000 miles/41,000 km of driving in a production EV such as a Nissan LEAF – and more in an e-vehicle such as an e-scooter.

A ‘pioneering’ project
“This solar e-station is an innovative and pioneering project,” said McAllister.

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The solar gas station will not only allow a variety of e-vehicles to tank up with sunshine, but will also be used to improve future such installations as well as the general EV driving experience.

“The experience with the e-station and vehicles will allow our engineers to evaluate everything and help us move toward more reliable batteries, improved EV-charging coverage, and consumer-friendly and secure handling of data,” said Rettig.

A Mercedes A-Class E-Cell, a Citroen C-Zero, and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV are all part of a TÜV Nord EV fleet that will regularly fill up with solar-generated electricity at the new solar gas station.

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