Converting us to solar, one parking lot at a time

protek-solar2Not too many people think solar when they park their car in one of the millions of lots around the world. ProtekPark Solar, a Cincinnati, Ohio based company is trying to change that, working, as it puts it, “to convert the world to solar power, one parking lot at a time.”

ProtekPark Solar concentrates on installing solar canopies for parking garage and surface lot structures. It has specialized in providing durable and visually pleasing solar canopies for more than 75 years.

ProtekPark Solar canopies clients include William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey and Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

ProtekPark is affiliated with Rough Brothers Inc., a design and manufacturing company that has specialized in engineering greenhouses and conservatories since 1932.

ProtekPark emphasizes its level of experience as well as the efficiency of its structures in seeking to differentiate its business from others in the rapidly growing solar carport and solar-powered EV charging station industry.

protek-solar1In addition to providing shade for vehicles in parking lots, ProtekPark’s solar canopies support solar panels that are energy efficient and which help power nearby buildings and help businesses owners save money. ProtekPark uses LED lighting to illuminate its parking canopies. This reduces energy use at night and helps business owners reap more of a benefit from the solar energy the canopies produce during the day.

A Passion for innovation
ProtekPark provides canopies for utility scale, commercial and institutional consumers, with rooftop structures that vary in size. The Cincinnati company is currently licensed to install what it calls a “smarter alternative to solar rooftop installation” in all 50 U.S. states. Protek is also looking to expand into Asia.

ProtekPark feels it’s important that its parking canopies are as visually stunning as they are effective. For example, the company uses a 12-step performance E-Coat and Power Coat process to help in reducing corrosion and deterioration.

“[Our] uniquely appealing structural design and construction provide a sleek and attractive support structure,” notes ProtekPark.

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According to the company, its canopies differ from other canopies because they use a tube design, whereas others use a prefabricated roll-formed section. ProtekPark says its tube design is more durable than the lightweight option competitors offer.

ProtekPark’s solar canopies are also water and weather-resistant.

Customers have the option of choosing which color they would like the solar canopy to be finished in, adding a personal touch to the architectural design. Of course, no matter whether a solar parking canopy is blue, pink or purple, it will always be green in terms of its energy-production and efficiency.

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