Solar power + batteries would reduce Texas-type power grid problems

Map of Texas power outages.
A screen shot of the current Texas power situation taken at 10 a.m. Mountain Standard Time on Feb. 17, 2021.

editor's blog logoTo the right-wing folks who are INCORRECTLY claiming greening the grid caused the power outages in Texas: YOU ARE WRONG!

In fact ==>

1) If we had a ton of local rooftop solar on homes and businesses and on solar carport parking lot structures AND storage batteries in those places, including in our homes, a lot more people would have power RIGHT NOW in Texas!

2) The technology exists to allow people to bring electricity into their homes from an electric vehicle’s batteries for up to three to five days. This technology is not yet in widespread use, but it could, and should, be!

In sum, renewables such as solar + micro-grids + battery storage capacity ARE the answer to issues such as the Texas power outages. NOT “the problem”!

And this combination can even deliver energy self sufficiency to many American homes. How is that not the most AMERICAN thing there is? Self-reliance!

Indeed, the local self-reliance that local rooftop and parking lot carport solar + batteries would deliver is WAY more American than VAST utility monopolies controlling the grid AND your (lack of) power, which is the unfortunate, and rather un-American, situation we have now!

Just sayin’  😉