My red 2017 Bolt LT parked in Goleta, Calif. after a 1,200 mile road trip from Denver, Colo. in July 2018. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]

No more excuses: Electric cars have MORE than enough range!

The Lucid Air will have more than 500 miles of range, according to its manufacturer.

blog logoIf you’ve been holding out for an electric car that has “enough” range, I have two words for you!: ENOUGH ALREADY!

You’ve held out far too long already, but now you have ZERO excuses: Lucid, an electric vehicle company headed by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson, has announced that its upcoming Lucid Air car is expected to get an EPA-rated range of at least 517 miles.

500+ miles IS enough, people, it really is! More than enough, actually!

My car — a 2020 Chevy Bolt — has 259 miles of range, many Teslas have 300 miles of range, and one Tesla model has 400 miles. Now we might hit 500 miles of range, assuming the EPA range for the Lucid Air confirms Lucid’s claims.

So, ENOUGH already, people, with your “range anxiety” excuses for not making your next car an electric car, which can be run on 100% air pollution free and often locally produced renewable energy generated electricity!

There are no more good excuses for most of you — I acknowledge there could be SOME valid excuses for SOME of you (lack of access to charging in apartments in urban areas being the biggest of these), but not for a good number of you!

So, please stop making excuses, and do the right thing — for our future and for our air and for human health — and make your next car an electric car!

Thank you 🙂!