Web sites promote Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and Tesla Model 3 + home solar combination

cheAs Discount Solar Supply notes on its promotional web site ChevyBoltSolarCharger.Com, you can fuel for free when you combine an all-electric car such as a Chevy Bolt with home solar — once you’ve reached “solar payback”!editor's blog logo

Just by chance during a Google search, I happened to come across the fact that someone has bought the domain names ChevyBoltSolarCharger.Com, NissanLeafSolarCharger.Com and Model3SolarCharger.Com.

Just like me — I had the foresight to buy the domain name SolarChargedDriving.Com way back in 2009 and create a web site devoted to covering and promoting the synergy between solar energy and electric vehicles — whoever bought these domain names, and they appear to be a solar panel company, also views EV + PV as a big deal!

It is a big deal!

You can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in the long run by putting solar panels on your home, garage, in your yard, etc. and using them to generate the “fuel” for an electric car such as a Chevy Bolt.

If you cover 100 percent of your EV charging with the solar panels, you’re also driving as close to emissions free as you possibly can — yes, there are still fossil fuel emissions associated with building solar panels, and electric cars, and shipping them, etc., though once the electric grid goes to 100 percent renewable energy, solar panel and electric car production will be ZERO emissions!

Other benefits of solar-charged driving include:

What do you think about this solar panel company, Discount Solar Supply, trying to capitalize on solar-charged driving as a way to boost its solar sales and business?

Great idea? Not so helpful? Somewhere in between?

This Discount Solar Supply promotional web page posted at http://nissanleafsolarcharger.com pushes “Driving on Sunshine”!