My 2017 Chevy Bolt has 238 miles of range -- more than enough to make it a great car for long-distance travel -- IF there were an adequate fast-charging infrastructure in place in the USA, which there is NOT. At least not in much of the American West and Midwest.

Same old tired, and false, anti-electric car points recycled again and again

So, it’s 2018, and Wired, a supposedly “progressive” media outlet with supposed expertise in new technologies just published an anti-electric car article with a telling headline, ‘The potential pitfalls of electric cars, in 5 charts,’ that, surprise, surprise — NOT!, recirculates the same old arguments about electric cars allegedly being “just as dirty” as gasoline cars.

Wired magazine is still re-circulating tired old — and false — anti-electric car arguments.

Nope, not true. Never was, and never will be true.

Three points here:

  1. Gasoline cars ALSO need to have utility plant grid mixes factored in, because — guess what — refining oil into gasoline requires electricity, a lot of electricity! This is ALWAYS (conveniently?) forgotten by the anti-EV crowd.
  2. Gasoline cars spew sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and cancer causing diesel particulates directly from their tailpipes into our lungs. D-I-R-E-C-T-L-Y. Electric cars do not spew pollution directly into our lungs, no matter how their electricity is generated. EVs have no tailpipe — and are, btw, safe to start, and sit in, in a closed garage! Do that with your gas car and, well … you won’t be around very much longer.
  3. Electric cars can be, are being powered, and increasingly will be powered by more and more renewable energy. And, yes, we will reach 100 percent of global electricity produced by renewable energy. There. Is. No. Other. Viable. Way!

These three points are all that needs to be said — despite what the ever-shrinking pro-gasoline Fossil Fools crowd maintains. But let’s say point No. 3 again, just to drive it home –>

Gasoline cars will never,  never, never — 1,000 times never — be emissions free; in contrast, electric cars can be emissions free with a renewable energy powered electric grid, and the grid will one day be 100 percent renewable, perhaps a lot sooner than the ever smaller Fossil Fool crowd would have us believe!