Electric car takeover: The biggest ‘stealth’ revolution you’ve never heard of

This BMW i3, plugged into a charging station in Nordhausen, Germany, is the only one of its kind in that city of 50,000 says my cousin, who owns this i3. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]
editor's blog iconIt’s truly amazing how little most people in the United States know about electric cars.

Based on my anecdotal observations of knowledge about electric cars among the general public — which I have been observing across the past 10 years — I can say that I have, for a long time, encountered, and continue to encounter more people — friends, family, co-workers, fellow church-goers, people on the street, etc. — who have not even a faint idea about electric cars, what they are, what they can, and cannot, do, what a joy they are to drive, etc., etc., etc.

It absolutely feels like the rise of the EV might be best encapsulated by the following headline –>

‘The EV takeover: The biggest stealth revolution you’ve never heard of’

Economic forecaster Tony Seba has predicted EVs will soon overtake ICEs at an exponential rate.

I mean, we have people like Tony Seba (an economic forecaster) predicting EVs will be in a major takeover by 2025. Yet barely any Americans know anything at all about electric vehicles.

How is it possible that something that’s about to revolutionize the world is so under the radar for the vast majority of average Americans, as well as, seemingly, most average citizens around the world (except, possibly, for the Chinese)?

We’ve got an incredible tension here: Impending EV revolution on one side, almost 100 percent ignorance about said impending revolution on the other.

What gives?

I say: Crazy, flabbergasting, and strangely, super cool — all at the very same time!

What do you say?