Westport, Conn. train station hosts a solar EV charging “party”

A Nissan LEAF, a Tesla Model S, a BMW i3, and a Chevy Volt all fill up with sunshine generated electricity at the Westport, Conn. train station in this picture captured purely by chance by the Google Maps Car!

editor's blog iconSo, in doing research for a global map of ALL the world’s solar carports/canopies and solar EV charging stations — something for which I could really use your help in mapping  –>https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MetsinNtPN6KtW-AjB2cPPIAtx8&usp=sharing — I came across this shot of the Westport, Conn. train station parking lot with a Nissan LEAF, next to a Tesla Model S, next to a BMW i3, next to a Chevy Volt all charging at EV charging stations which draw some of their electricity from 30 kW worth of solar panels on the train station building just to their left.

It’s, like, the perfect poster picture for solar-charged driving 🙂

I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of four different EV models solar-charging at the same place at the same time — and this happened just by chance, again with FOUR different EV makes and models parked next to each other, at precisely the time the Google car happened to come by and photo-map the Westport, Conn. train station for Google Maps.

Is that cool, or what?