Top 10 reasons 400k+ skipping Nissan LEAF for Tesla Model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 has already far surpassed the Nissan LEAF in popularity — and the LEAF has been around for five years, and we’re still two years away from any major Tesla Model 3 deliveries.

editors-blog-entry3So, yeah, getting on this a bit late — but, hey, Nissan is WAY late on understanding why 400k+ people would bypass a LEAF for a Model 3 😉

Here’s SolarChargedDriving’s Top 10 reasons Why Hundreds of Thousands Would Bypass A LEAF — yes, even a 2016, or 2017 LEAF — For A 2018 (if we’re lucky, probably end up being delivered in 2019 or 2020) Tesla Model 3 –>

10. The Tadpole/Frog look wasn’t in in 2011 — and never will be.

9. Carlos, you support EVs more than any other CEO of a major automaker. But you’re still fundamentally in bed with the ICE.

8. Carlos, you’re not as good looking Elon (After all, he’s got the whole ‘geek/tech look thing going’. Sorry.)

7. Carlos, you’re just not as cool as Elon. Sorry.

6. Eight letters Nissan: B-R-A-N-D-I-N-G

5. Quickness. Yes, the LEAF is quicker than many might expect. But. Please. Make. It. Quicker!

4. Looks. Oh, wait — we did that one already. But it’s worth listing twice: The LEAF is U-G-L-Y. And, yes, I’ve been driving around in one anyway for the past two years 😉

3. Range. 84 miles is not enough. 110 is not enough. 150 is not enough (Note to Carlos: The 2017 LEAF had better have at LEAST 180 miles, or Nissan’s in BIG trouble!). 200+ is the sweet spot — and Elon knows it.

2. Supercharger Network. Telsa’s got one.
No One Else Does. Bazinga!

1. A combination of all of the above — PLUS reasons SolarChargedDriving fans/readers add here!

Have fun adding in the comments below!

P.S. — Yes, I know some who have currently have a LEAF have also reserved a Tesla Model 3, and that not everyone is skipping over the LEAF to get to the Tesla, but clearly there are for more are who are doing this than who are not.