Running our electric car on sun in Colorado

That’s our 2014 Nissan LEAF plugged in to a solar EV charging station in Boulder, Colo. — with the custom plates SOLPWRD.

Took a trip from Aurora, Colo. to Boulder, Colo. today in our 2014 solar-charged Nissan LEAF — and racked up 114 Sun Miles in the process. That’s the most I’ve driven in the LEAF — which we’ve had about 2 months — on a single day.

editors-blog-entry3Plugged into a solar-charging station (check out the photo at right, which is a postcard perfect one for the joys and wonders of Driving on Sunshine) in Boulder briefly to make sure I had enough charge to get back home.

Yes, you can Run Your Car on Sun, completely emissions free, have fun in the process, and save money as well. If you calculate 30 m.p.g. and $4 per gallon as the point of comparison, we’ve saved more than $300 worth of gas while zooming around in our zippy solar-charged LEAF SV for about 2,400 miles so far.

And, remember, there are plenty of gas cars out there that don’t get anywhere near 30 m.p.g.

Ah, Driving on Free Sunshine — it can’t help but put a smile on your face 🙂

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