[Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons photo by Geek EV]

Tesla’s solar Supercharger network gets better

You gotta hand it to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk: He knows how to make Tesla look good, and the competition look, well, just plain behind the times.

Tesla’s quickly building out its network of solar-powered EV charging stations at which Tesla Model S owners can fill up on clean, green sunshine for free. In fact, soon — no later than 2 years from now — you’ll be able to drive across pretty much all of the lower 48 in the U.S. and not pay a dime for your fuel.

Not a bad deal at all. And it kills the proverbial two birds with one stone: The solar-powered EV charging network kills the idea that you can’t do long-distance travel in an EV; clearly you can! And, it kills Big Oil at its own game, on its own long-distance turf, by allowing you to drive around the U.S. for free.

Okay, so the price of entry — buying or leasing a Model S, which is going to put you out at least $50,000 — is rather steep, and it does undercut, a bit, the idea  you’re fueling for “free.” On the other hand, you don’t see any other luxury car makers offering to pay for unlimited gas for their cars, do you?

Now, if we could only get Elon to play up the solar angle more. He doesn’t even mention the fact that all Supercharger stations are solar-powered in the video above.

Soon you’ll be able to drive a Tesla Model S across America fueled entirely by solar-generated electricity — and that electricity will be free for Model S owners. [Photo Credit: Tesla Motors]
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