Zero tailpipe emissions better for human health

diesel-fumeseditors-blog-entry3Yes, it’s true EVs are not truly zero emission vehicles, though if you power them with renewable energy generated electricity, they come pretty darn close.

However, regardless of how the electricity is generated for EVs, they are zero tailpipe emissions vehicles — I much prefer this term to zero emissions, because it’s 100 percent accurate.

Yet the whole no carbon monoxide, no sulfur dioxide, no nitrous oxide, no particulates being blown directly into your face, and lungs (sadly, you’re stuck sucking down fumes from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars even if you’re walking or biking in urban areas) “thing” seems to gets lost on most people when it comes to electric vehicles.

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Pollution puffed into your face
I’m not sure why this is. After all, as the photo at the top taken from the passenger seat of my brother’s solar-charged Tesla Model S shows, it’s hard to miss the filthy, carcinogenic fumes being blasted directly at us by ICE automobiles. As they are here, they are so often directly in our face.

While I suspect the major reason most of us don’t really “see” the filthy fumes being blasted into our lungs by ICE cars is that we incorrectly believe there is “no” other way, there IS another way: Electric vehicles.

Pure EVs do not create any point-of-source/tailpipe pollution. None. Zero. Nada. They don’t even have a tailpipe.

And, if they’re powered by renewable energy (even if it’s indirectly, via solar-offset, as it is in my brother’s case), they are far better not only for the environment, but for our health.

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Now, if we could only get more people to see things this way, and actually start paying attention to the filthiness and unhealthiness of ICE automobiles – and the clear, clean alternative EVs offer.

In fact, raising this awareness is the motivation behind this blog entry, and it’s a big motivation for this site, SolarChargedDriving.Com 🙂

What are you doing to raise awareness of the clean air EV alternative?

If the answer is, “I’m driving one!”, how do you feel about being blasted by a cloud of filthy, cancer causing, diesel exhaust from a car such as the one pictured above – do you feel any differently about this sitting in your EV than you did behind the wheel of an ICE automobile?

Let us know how you feel in the comments stream below 🙂

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